November 2017 Couples’ Corner

A man came home from work the other day to find the following note lying on the kitchen counter:         

“Hi Honey!  Welcome home!  I am hiding somewhere in the house and I am armed with a “Nerf gun” just like the one lying here on the counter.  Loser cooks dinner!  Good luck!!”

I was impressed by the novel approach the wife took to putting some fun back into her marriage.  We too often forget that being married is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.  We let the world and all of its madness get in the way, work, bills, kids, family, and sometimes even church. We look back on our lives and wonder where all the fun has gone.  We use to have such good times when we were dating.  We could talk for hours and laugh ourselves silly. Maybe that is why the word tells us in Proverbs to remember the wife of our youth. Think back to that girl you fell in love with. What did you do together, where did you go.  Did you ever have a tickle fight?  The Bible says that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.  That scripture holds great truth not just in our everyday life, but in our marriages as well.  So take today and make a change.  Put fun back in your life and your marriage.  Have a pillow fight, sing your spouse a love song, even if you can’t sing, go ride a roller coaster, spray someone with the garden hose. Use your imagination!

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October 2017 Couples’ Corner

Have you ever had one of those weeks where nothing you did seemed to turn out right?  Well when you have one of those weeks and you own your own business you take it hard.  Let me explain, my wife and I have our own cleaning business and no matter how hard we try to accommodate our clients, there comes a time when everything falls apart and we have to deal with upset customers.  That probably wouldn’t bother us as much if it were not for the fact that we are in a thankless job.  When everything goes great and people come home to their nice clean homes do they call us and say how wonderful things look? No!  But miss something and they are on the phone in a heartbeat. Of course we know that what we do is a luxury for most people so we endeavor to perform at the highest level. 

So, when my wife recently experienced one of those weeks it really made me think. How often do we fail to say “thank you” for the things our spouses do for us?  My wife gets up every morning and makes sure my coffee and lunch are ready for me, even on mornings when she could sleep in.  She does 90% of the laundry and 100% of the ironing that needs to be done, the majority of which are my clothes.  She pays all our bills, balances the checkbook, inputs almost all the data into our profit and loss spreadsheets for the business. And she has taken on making sure I eat a good dinner every night as well as cooking breakfast on the weekends.  There are so many little things she does that I could write for a week and not cover them all.  Let’s just say she is incredible.

So now I guess you want to know how often I say “thank you”.  The answer is not nearly often enough.  It truly is easy to overlook the little things that someone does for you. To just take for granted that those little nuisance task will get done.  After all they always do…………  What would happen if they stopped doing them?  How would that make you feel?  Who would get them done? I know I certainly don’t want all those annoying little jobs to pop up on my “honey do” list.

The Word tells us we are supposed to edify one another to build one another up.  One of the best ways to edify someone is to not take them for granted.  Let them know how much you appreciate the things they do for you.  In the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, these tasks are referred to as “acts of service” and they are a manner in which some people show their love for you.  Start looking for those “acts of service” that are being done for you and then say “Thank You”!  It will do wonders for both of you.  You will realize how much they love you and they will feel appreciated for doing it.


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September 2017 Couples’ Corner

My wife is a Christmas enthusiast, she absolutely loves the holidays.  I on the other hand have some unfavorable childhood memories about Christmas and could care less.  That is if it weren’t for her, her enthusiasm is contagious. As a result, every year well before the Christmas Holidays I break out all the outside decorations.  I spend copious amounts of time planning, designing, and then painstakingly installing every strand of lights, signs, wreaths, and inflatable Santa and Reindeer.  Once this arduous process has been completed, it comes time to hook the lights up to remote controls.  (Oh how I love my remote controls) To ensure there is no fire hazard, I check every extension cord and make sure that there are no more than three sets of lights or decorations on each cord.  (To much electrical draw can cause shorts).  The next step is connecting the extension cord to the remote controls by means of a three way plug.  That is where my problem started this last year.  It seems that despite the fact that I am a creature of habit and that I always put the three way plugs in the box with the lights; they were not there.  After an exhaustive search of the house and the outside shed I found the plugs.  Why they were where they were, I have no idea, but it did give me the idea for this devotional. 

What it taught me was that just as my plugs were not in the box, making it impossible for me to get what I needed, the same is true in our marriages.  It is impossible to get love out of your marriage if you don’t put it in.  Don’t expect intimacy if all you ever put into your marriage is silence and shutting down.  Don’t expect compassion if all you put into the marriage box is harsh belittling words.   Don’t expect understanding from your spouse, if you haven’t taken the time to understand them. 

I have always been a firm believer that “prior planning prevents poor presentation”.  It is probably one of the reasons that I have become so anal retentive.  Whenever I take on a project, I always walk it through in my mind to eliminate wasted time and ensure that I have all the necessary items to complete the task.  Many of you are probably the same way, whether you are building something, or making a cake.  Just take that same desire to simplify and successfully execute your projects, and carry it over into your marriage. 

Take the time to ensure that the items you are placing into your marriage box are ones you want to be there.  If you are not sure what items to put in the box, take a marriage class, read a book, and invest the time.  Then when you hit the switch on the remote control of your marriage, all the decorations will light up and send off a beautiful light!

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