August 2017 Couples’ Corner

I heard a cute little story the other day about a young boy who was talking to his grandmother.  In the course of their conversation the topic of age came up and the little boy asked his grandmother how old she was, without missing a beat the grandmother replied, “I am 39 and holding.”  The young boy thought about it for a minute and the said, “How old would you be if you let go?”

That question got me to thinking about our walk with God.  How far would you be in your walk if you let go of some of the things we hold on to.  For example: anger, resentment, hurt feelings, bitterness, how much have those things kept the blessings of God from flowing in your life?  What about those sins of the flesh that we wrap ourselves in, addictions like drinking, smoking, drugs, pornography, over eating, gossiping, where would we be if we let go of them?  What if we let go of our love of money and tithed according to the Word of God?  What are we missing?

Where would our marriages be if we let go of the past mistakes our spouses made?  What if we let go of our desire to gain the brass ring of worldly success, and spent more time with our spouse?  What if we let go of the hurts from words spoken in anger? Would that make for greater intimacy and a stronger bond between you?  Would that re-open doors of communication that have been shut from lack of use? Do you think it might re-invigorate a marriage that has slipped into the doldrums? 

God has a design and a purpose for our lives and He gives us instructions on how to get there.  In Deuteronomy 28 He tells us that we can be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath, we can be blessed coming in and blessed going out.  In Ephesians He tells us husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church, and wives honor your husbands.  In Malachi He tells us to tithe and see if He will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing you cannot contain.  Over and over in the Bible God tells us how to have the kind of life He meant for us to have.  But we must let go of the things we are holding on to that prevent us from attaining His design for our lives.

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July 2017 Couples’ Corner

As a result of my business I am frequently travelling around the city of San Antonio and the surrounding towns.  Despite the fact that I went to school in San Antonio and have driven around here for years, there are still times that I need help with the directions.  Let’s face it San Antonio has grown tremendously since I was a boy and it continues to change almost on a daily basis.  With that in mind you can understand why I sometimes rely on GPS.  However, being a typical male I don’t have a GPS system in my car.  I bought one for Theresa, but I told her “I don’t need one I may not know where I am but I am never lost!”  Ok, we all know that is not true, sometimes I am just as confused as the next person and I need help.

 Still I don’t have a system, fortunately, the lady who has been working with me for the last eight years has a GPS on her phone and we use it on a regular basis.  (Just don’t tell my wife!)  The other day we had a destination we were trying to get to that we knew how to get there but we were looking for a faster route. So, she plugged the address into her phone and wham, a faster route.  It took us through several back streets avoiding countless traffic snarls that we would have faced had we gone our normal route.  Finally, we reached a point where we shut it off because “WE KNEW THE BEST WAY FROM WHERE WE WERE!”   What we didn’t know was that ahead of us was road construction that had we left the system on it would have diverted us around. 

It is funny how if you will listen for the voice of God, He will talk to you, and on this occasion as I was pondering a way out of the snarl I had gotten myself into, He spoke loud and clear.   He told me that just as I had listened to the GPS up to the point that I knew best, (or at least I thought I did) that His children do the same thing.  We listen to the Word of God right up to the point that we know what we are doing, and where we are going, and how to get there.  But, had we continued to listen to Him, we could have avoided a lot of problems along the way. 

It kind of reminds me of the story about Jonah and the whale.  Had Jonah listened to God and just gone to Nineveh he would not have been thrown overboard in a storm, swallowed by whale and forced to spend three days in the belly of that whale, only to be vomited out on the Nineveh coastline.  There is an easy way and a hard way to get things done and doing it God’s way is always the best.

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June 2017 Couples’ Corner

The other day while I was cleaning one of my customer’s houses they had their television on to the Animal Planet.  At first I didn’t pay it much attention, it was just background noise, but my ears perked up when they started talking about lions.  I sat and watched as they went into detail as to how the lions worked together to kill their prey.  This particular episode they were going after wildebeest and the lions used two different methods. One: they would have one lion charge the herd and when the herd scattered in fear, they would chase down the one wildebeest that got separated from the herd and make it their dinner. Their second ploy was to simply let the wildebeest get comfortable in their surroundings and when one of them wandered too far from the herd; bingo!

The more I thought about it the more revelation I got from the Lord.  You see Satan uses the same tactics on us.  How many times have you seen someone who was going to church, suddenly stop for a long period of time, only to return to the church and proclaim how much Satan had been attacking them and their family.   Or just let a financial or medical issue come up and people run scared, only to have things made worse by attack after attack.  Or maybe you just watched someone who always sits alone and then hear about their problems.   Sound familiar?  What is true in the natural is also true in the spiritual.  The word tells us that “our adversary Satan roams around like a lion seeking whom he may devour.”  When we set ourselves apart from the body, (the herd) then we become more vulnerable to his attacks and the attacks of his minions. 

As spiritual leaders of our households it is imperative that we guide and direct our families to the church and “Family of God” not away from it.  I remember an old adage I heard as a boy, “there is safety in numbers.”  There is great truth in those words; how much less trouble will your children get into if they are with the youth group from church, rather than just hanging out?  How much stronger will your marriage be if you associate with other couples who have gone through what you are experiencing and made it, rather than complaining about it with the guys at the bar, or the girls at work?  We all face difficulties and challenges, why face them alone?  I don’t know about you but I would rather not be Satan’s dinner, and staying connected to the “Body of Christ” through His believers, is the best way I know to avoid being fodder for the devil. 

Come join us at our “Couples Meetings” be part of the herd, not the main course for Satan!