September 2017 Couples’ Corner

My wife is a Christmas enthusiast, she absolutely loves the holidays.  I on the other hand have some unfavorable childhood memories about Christmas and could care less.  That is if it weren’t for her, her enthusiasm is contagious. As a result, every year well before the Christmas Holidays I break out all the outside decorations.  I spend copious amounts of time planning, designing, and then painstakingly installing every strand of lights, signs, wreaths, and inflatable Santa and Reindeer.  Once this arduous process has been completed, it comes time to hook the lights up to remote controls.  (Oh how I love my remote controls) To ensure there is no fire hazard, I check every extension cord and make sure that there are no more than three sets of lights or decorations on each cord.  (To much electrical draw can cause shorts).  The next step is connecting the extension cord to the remote controls by means of a three way plug.  That is where my problem started this last year.  It seems that despite the fact that I am a creature of habit and that I always put the three way plugs in the box with the lights; they were not there.  After an exhaustive search of the house and the outside shed I found the plugs.  Why they were where they were, I have no idea, but it did give me the idea for this devotional. 

What it taught me was that just as my plugs were not in the box, making it impossible for me to get what I needed, the same is true in our marriages.  It is impossible to get love out of your marriage if you don’t put it in.  Don’t expect intimacy if all you ever put into your marriage is silence and shutting down.  Don’t expect compassion if all you put into the marriage box is harsh belittling words.   Don’t expect understanding from your spouse, if you haven’t taken the time to understand them. 

I have always been a firm believer that “prior planning prevents poor presentation”.  It is probably one of the reasons that I have become so anal retentive.  Whenever I take on a project, I always walk it through in my mind to eliminate wasted time and ensure that I have all the necessary items to complete the task.  Many of you are probably the same way, whether you are building something, or making a cake.  Just take that same desire to simplify and successfully execute your projects, and carry it over into your marriage. 

Take the time to ensure that the items you are placing into your marriage box are ones you want to be there.  If you are not sure what items to put in the box, take a marriage class, read a book, and invest the time.  Then when you hit the switch on the remote control of your marriage, all the decorations will light up and send off a beautiful light!

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