December 2017 Couples’ Corner

Recently I was reminded of my turbulent youth.  My family was the epitome of dysfunctional and I was always looking for something to take me away from the tension and stress at home. Some of the pastimes I used for distractions were baseball, football, riding my bike with friends, games, hunting, camping, and spelunking (cave exploring).    But there was one place I would escape to every chance I got.  It was way back in the woods where the world seemed not to exist. A place I could talk to God. I would take a blanket lie on the ground and just listen to all the sounds of nature, birds sweetly chirping, squirrels jumping from tree to tree and the rustling of small animals as they made their way through the forest. It was there I could express all my hurts to God. But of all the sounds in this memory, my favorite was the sound of running water.  There was at my favorite a point where two creeks came together. The cacophony of sound that emanated from their merging was exhilarating. It was as if all my troubles got caught in the collision of their water and I watched as they floated down the combined stream they created.

The interesting part of this was how the Holy Spirit used this memory to teach me truth about marriage.  First thing I learned was the importance of activities that would bring a couple together, things that caused them to interact and have fun doing it, just like all the sports and games I loved doing with my friends. It is important to include your mate in as many of the activities that give you pleasure so as not to make them feel left out. Secondly, I learned the importance of quiet time, time to reflect on myself and my relationship with God and time to bare my soul and wait for the answer. It is amazing how important this time with God is to the health of your marriage. It is during these precious moments that the Holy Spirit will reveal corrections or suggestions to improve your relationship with your mate. He will give ideas that will enable your marriage to explode with passion, desire, and love. The third thing I learned was just like the violence created by the two streams when they first merged; a marriage suffers through the same catastrophe.

When a couple first marries they are endeavoring to merge two different lives into one flesh. The caustic chemical reactions caused by their union are just as volatile as the creeks that merged in my memory. However, if you followed the merging creeks down the woods you would come to a point where the water would gently flow and give off a truly calming sound. The same is true in marriage, it might start off a little rocky but it can become truly blessed if you ride out the rough start and hold on for calmer waters.

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