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 Couples’ Corner

In an effort to learn all that I can about marriages and how to make them successful I have read numerous books on marriage, watched DVD after DVD and listened to countless CD’s from Christian counsellors and teachers.  However, there is nothing like receiving a revelation from the Holy Spirit. Let me explain; the other day while I was driving and in my normal time of prayer with God, the Spirit suddenly brought a picture into my mind of a man building a brick wall.  I watched as he painstakingly placed brick after brick into the wall making sure that there was exactly the right amount of mortar between each brick.  Unsure of what the spirit was trying to show me I continued praying and the picture changed to the other side of the wall where there was a woman building an exact duplicate of the wall the man was building. I watched for a while as the walls on both side continued to climb to the point that the man could not see the woman and the woman could not see the man and still the bricks kept coming.   Still not fully grasping what I saw I continued in prayer until the spirit revealed the truth of what I had seen. 

The truth of any marriage is that they do not start with any walls between the husband and wife.  Communication is open and honest, the time they spend together is exciting, and they cannot wait to be entwined with their mate, loving phone calls and text are an exciting part of the day.  There is a hunger and expectancy that just will not be denied.

So what builds the wall? Time! After the luster of a new car wears off you stop taking care of it as much, the same thing happens in a marriage.  We start taking each other for granted, the phone calls and love notes stop, conversation resorts to mild pleasantries and grocery list.  The morning embrace slips to a quick peck and a mumble.  The next thing you know the arguments ensue, harsh words and angry tones consume the conversation there is a chill in the air, and the once happy couple begins to build their brick wall. Each subsequent argument, snide remark, act of disrespect, angry word, or harsh tone results in another brick.  Before you know it the walls have gotten so high and thick that only dynamite could make a dent.

But God! He has the formula to make marriage not only work but thrive, flourish, bloom into something incredibly beautiful.

Come join us at our “Couples Meetings” and check out God’s plan for your marriage.


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