Covenant Kids

“Train up a Child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart” (Prov. 22:6)


Nursery & Blessing Room
: Birth – 3 years

Nursery6Worship worry-free when you leave your baby in the nursery. We love God and we love your baby. Our staff ministers the love of Christ to these little ones by speaking the Word into their lives while caring for their basic needs. Currently our toddlers are enjoying the Bible in Life curriculum on Sunday mornings, and introduction to faith in Jesus and God Made Me Special on Wednesday evenings, helping them understand how faith fits into daily life. Our blessing room  is attached to the nursery and offers you the comfort and convenience of sitting with your child while still being able to participate in the service. If your child is not comfortable in the nursery or blessing room, the last two rows of the sanctuary are reserved for families with small children. In the event they begin to make noise or disturb those around them, please utilize the blessing room.


Room 2: 4-6 years

Young kids1

Your child will enjoy learning about God’s love in a safe and fun environment. Through a variety of activities, including worship, prayer, stories, games and crafts your child will become more aware of God’s love, care and help in their everyday lives. Our primary students are learning to grow in the character of God through Faith Roots, which focuses on spiritual development after the new birth into God’s family. Each lesson incorporates a central scripture that your child will learn as they hear and repeat it. As the seed of God’s Word is planted in their heart, your child will grow in their knowledge of God and the saving grace that is available to them.



Room 3: 7 years-5th grade

Interactive lessons, combined with crafts, prayer and core scriptures will give your child a deeper understanding of their faith and how to develop their personal relationship with God. Lessons from The New Spirit curriculum teach your child what it means to live a Christian life, and understand the changes that take place when they submit themselves to God. The lessons will help make them aware of why we need God’s salvation and what happens when the Holy Spirit comes to live in us. Equipped with the Word of God, your child will learn what it is to live their Christian walk daily.


Wednesday Evening: 4 years-5th grade

kids4On Wednesday evenings, the children of Prevailing Word worship in the sanctuary and then are dismissed to their classroom. This year our weekly lessons will come from Bible in Life. Having the Bible in your life allows God’s Word to transform your heart and mind. It does the same thing in our children’s lives. This curriculum is designed to help students connect with the lessons personally while teaching them the life-giving truth of God’s word. This in turn allows them to apply the Bible to their daily lives and motivates them to Christian living. The goal is to help students in all stages of their Christian walk apply the Bible to the situations they encounter in their daily lives. As your child gains a fuller understanding of the God that loves them, they will be better equipped to live out their faith in a more personal and meaningful way.

Snacks are provided during the Sunday morning service and following the Wednesday evening service. In addition, we have a monthly birthday celebration for all children born in that particular month.